20 maj 2010

Rudi Pfaller


walking in the spring rain
I press warm bread
to my breast

Copyright Rudi Pfaller

Piękne haiku.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Rudi.


2 komentarze:

Rudi Pfaller pisze...

Dear Karol,

thank you very much for quoting me.
But you know, this ku is rather old (2008). Nevertheless it convenes in this time. We have much May rain and I remembered my ku, when I bought a warm bred this week.

Have nice Pentecost!

Karol Rosiak pisze...

Dear Rudi,

But you know, this ku is rather old (2008)."

I know. But you know, it's so beautiful haiku...!

"Have nice Pentecost!"

Thank you, Rudi!

K. :)