2 lip 2009

deszcz ustaje

deszcz ustaje —
z włosów po plecach
kropla za kroplą


4 komentarze:

haiku-shelf pisze...

I met you (read your comment) when I visited Bill's blog some minutes ago.
I would love to read a translation of your haiku (English or German).

Best wishes,
Angelika (Oberhausen/Germany)

Karol pisze...

Hallo, Angelika,

thanks for your interest in my poems. I will try to publish them in English but my English is poor and I need some help from my friends in translation.

Best wishes,

haiku-shelf pisze...

I can wait. Don't hurry! (haiku-translations are difficult, for everyone -- it's much easier to translate prose).
But please tell me when you translated your haiku.

I look forward to it.

Best wishes,

Karol pisze...

Ok., Angelika,
thank you.

- Karol